We Build Synthetic Environments & Routing Algorithms for Electric Aviation

Electric Aviation builds Synthetic Environments, Routing Algorithms and landing infrastructure for organisations wishing to operate drone transport within all types of airspace.

Our Mission

Drones are becoming an increasingly familiar aspect of life and work in the UK today, playing a growing role in areas ranging from emergency services to offshore, construction as well as oil and gas. But this is just the start." Price Waterhouse Coopers believes that by 2030, there could be 76,000 drones operating in the UK skies.

Our synthetic environments and routing algorithms allows businesses to plan and deploy drones in all airspace categories.

Drone Routing

Electric Aviation's Drone routing algorithms utilise the latest in Machine Learning and AI techniques to ensure optimal routing compliant with CAP722 all realised through a unique synthetic environment.

Our systems enable organisations to understand the nuances of mass drone operations across the countryside, urban environment and offshore.

We provide full business consultancy for effective drone transport deployment.

Between now and 2020, we forecast a $100 billion market opportunity for drones—helped by growing demand from the commercial and civil government sectors.

Source: Goldman Sachs Research


By using the latest in game engine technology coupled with Virtual Reality techniques, we are able to blend today's infrastructure with tomorrow's technologies.

We demonstrate to our clients how the future potential of drones can shape their business to maximum effect, using our immersive and AI technologies.

RACSO — Rapid Aerial Community Support Organisation

RACSO is an initiative from Electric Aviation Limited and the GoodSAM app designed to bring together the Professional Drone Community and the Emergency Services.

RACSO will provide a simple, accountable solution to enable the Emergency Services to advertise and request voluntary help from the Professional Drone Community enabling the rapid deployment of additional drone assets, provided gratis for the good of the community.

Building on the successes of the GoodSAM platform, which initially gained success through enabling community first responders to be tasked to deliver and deploy de-fibrillators for cardiac patients in need, RACSO links Professional Drone Operators, prepared to volunteer their services with the Search and Rescue community.

Working with the Civil Aviation Authority, the Maritime & Coastal Agency and Blue Light services across the country, RACSO aims to have a single accountable system in place by the end of 2020, such that all Search and Rescue endeavours may utilise RACSO.

GoodSAM is providing the instant ability to locate and open any callers mobile phone camera to emergency services, ambulance, police and fire, across the UK, USA and around the world.
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RACSO — How does it work?

RACSO will be engineered as a platform within the GoodSAM app to link search command with professional drone operators who are PFCO (Permissions For Commercial Operations) registered. The search commander will be able to advertise the search efforts on the GoodSAM app requesting specific forms of help from the drone operator community.

Search command remains in complete control and can specify help operators with specific capabilities, technologies or experience, tasking them to cover periphery areas providing a wider search area. Data sent from drones attached to the GoodSAM platform can be routed directly to the search command allowing for the evidence chain to be optimised.

We have seen from recent incidents that there is an incredible amount of goodwill from the professional drone community. RACSO works to harness this potential, but in a fully accountable, controlled manner.

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